BCC Kids

We love having children in Sunday morning service! At Belgium Community church we recognize that some kids may not be ready to sit in the service so we have a class for kids up to 4 years old. But we desire to see the whole family grow together so we also provide activity packs for kids. Often BCC kids write notes or draw pictures for Pastor Joe during service. Here is a recent one he received! How sweet to see a child, with their whole life ahead of them, respond to God's presence!


Gospel Revolution Recap

In September, our church went through a series called Gospel Revolution. J.D. Greear says that "The gospel is not just the diving board [for Christianity]; it’s the pool." Gospel Revolution was a series dedicated to going deeper into the Gospel for every part of life.

If you found Gospel Revolution helpful and encouraging, share with your friends. Of if you missed a sermon, you can find them all on our website or podcast.

What is the Secret of Christianity? http://belgiumchurch.libsyn.com/gospel-revolution-what-is-the-secret-of-christianity

Where does true change come from?


How does God's grace transform sacrifice?


What one thing does God want you to know?


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BCC loves families and we're committed to equipping parents to disciple their children. One way we do this is by inviting children into the service so that parents and their children can hear and respond to God's word together. For kids who might need to keep their hands busy, we have activity bags available.