Feb 20th Update

Mark your calendar!

Feb 20th 6:00pm Intercessory Prayer @ BCC
Feb 25th 10:15 am Kickoff Service
March 4th 10:15 am Kickoff Service

Small Group Wednesdays at 7 pm. 345 N Redding Circle Belgium, WI 53004 Hise's condo - look for green garage lights
Small Group Sundays at  5:30 pm; Radosevich house, 122 Maple Street, Belgium 

Missions Focus


From Joe

 Let me tell you about something that scares most pastors, church planters, and maybe some of you.


Everyone cares about numbers ("How many people were at your first service?") but we don't want to care. Or maybe we are embarrassed  if numbers aren't what we hoped. Maybe you have friends who have asked about numbers.

Here is how I am handling numbers:

1) If I don't know. I say that I don't know. There is no use guessing or estimating.

2) If I know, then I say a specific number. I say 73, 39, 89, etc. Round numbers don't help and make it easy to mislead. It's better to be a truth-teller and be a disappointment than to be a liar.

3) Then, I tell specific stories of how God was drawing a son before God saved the father. I tell of the woman that came with tears in her eyes and said, "I never knew that Jesus was the elder brother that I need!" I tell of the college students that told all their friends online of the "amazing service" and great relationships at BCC. I tell of the couple that told their friends, "This feels like home."

Our goal is not to build a service. Our goal is to engage every person with the words, works, and heart of Jesus. There are a lot of people that have never felt Jesus' comfort. They have never clearly heard his words. And there is no data point that measures that. Only stories of one person at a time.

Those people work next to you. Live next to you. We measure these things story by story as we live out what God is doing in us every day.

Our God is big enough. We don't have to defend him. What looks like failure in the world's eyes is the very thing that God will use for his glory. More on that this Sunday.


Pray that we would love Jesus and follow him.
Pray for hurting people in our community to feel God's comfort this week.
Pray for new believers to feel God's welcome this week and treasure their new salvation.
Pray for the lost family members and friends that were at this service this week. Pray that the Spirit would draw them to Christ.


Evangelism is not just a prayer that we pray. It's not a sales presentation. It is an entrance into what God is doing. The podcast below explores how the gospel connects our uncertainty and pain with our God of refuge.