2/5/18 Newsletter

February 5, 2018 Update

Mark your calendar!

Feb 6th 6 pm Intercessory Prayer Team
Feb 8th 6:30pm Family Ministry Training
Feb 10th 2 pm We will hang doorhangers on every door in Belgium (You can also claim your own street and do it at another time. Email Joe if you want to do an area at another time).
Feb 11th 10:15 am Preview Service
Feb 11th 4:00pm Guest Ministry Training
Feb 18th 10:15 am Kickoff Service
Feb 25th 10:15 am Kickoff Service
March 4th 10:15 am Kickoff Service

Small Group Wednesdays at 7 pm. 345 N Redding Circle Belgium, WI 53004 (John and Nancy Hise's condo - look for green garage lights)
Small Group Sundays at  6pm; Radosevich house, 122 Maple Street, Belgium 

Missions Focus


From Joe

We're all excited about what God is doing right now. This week is our first Sunday morning service, and I want to explain a little of what to expect when we have visitors. 

We will have visitors in three categories:

  • Christians checking out the new church--They belong to another church, and we shouldn't expect them to switch. Instead, we ask them to pray for us and for our witness to the community. This is a strategic use of these visitors.
  • People from the community--They are interested in the new thing that is going on. They may not be drawn to us spiritually and likely won't return. We want to give them a good first impression and make sure that they feel welcome to always come back. We will pray that the Spirit will draw them to Christ and back to us.
  • People that the Spirit is drawing--These are the people that God is drawing to us. Let's expect that God will be drawing some people and families.

In church planting circles, only about half of the people from a kickoff service return. I just wanted to explain a little of what to expect, not to dampen enthusiasm for what God is doing. We've been praying for God to do big things, so let's expect him to answer.

Needed: All-star family ministry volunteers. I cannot express strongly enough how important this ministry is. It's not just for women. It's not just for those who don't have the gift of preaching. This ministry allows us to communicate our love for the whole family and help them all experience Jesus. It is not a punishment. Jesus said, "Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me" (Matt. 18:5). Will you help us with this? email Nancy at belgiumcommunitychurch@gmail.com


If you are interested in joining the prayer team contact us. This is a really important ministry that must drive all that we do.

Praise God for His presence during the preview service
Ask the Holy Spirit to convict and draw those we have been sharing the gospel with.
Thank God for His faithfulness in providing workers to build the church; physically, spiritually, emotionally
Thank God for many kingdom building connections