Volunteer Opportunities

Belgium Area Chamber Easter Egg Hunt Volunteers: The chamber needs a few people to help get eggs and prizes ready for the Village Easter Egg hunt and a few people to staff the event to keep it organized.

Slideshow Tech: We need someone to create the slideshows for each Sunday. This is probably a 1.5-2 hour commitment each week. We will train you in how to do this.

Family Ministry Volunteers: We love wiggling children in our services, but some smaller toddlers need a little more room and space right now. We have one class right now, and Lord-willing, we will need to add another couple of classes soon. But we are limited by the number of volunteers that we have. We want to give every volunteer plenty of chances to be in our services as well. Consider if this is an area where you can serve families.

Guest Ministry: We need a few more people to help make coffee on Sundays and to greet people at the door. So far, guests have commented on how welcoming and excited we have been. Will you help us continue that?

Email belgiumcommunitychurch@gmail.com to let us know you are interested.