Core Values

You are... 

We start with you are in Christ. You are more sinful than you know, but in Christ, you are more loved than you imagine. In Christ, you are adopted, secure, and destined to be like him.


Because we are adopted, secure, and destined to be with God, we serve one another like Jesus served his disciples. We welcome, serve, host, share, and pursue. We show whom we follow by serving one another and those around us. 

Failure is Not Final

God is close to the brokenhearted, so we pursue humility and invite broken and messed up people. We do not hide but bring our brokenness to Jesus because we want his presence and restoration. We believe that no one's story is over, so we have hope for everyone.


We are captivated by the reality that God exists, God has spoken, and we can know him. This is an all-consuming reality that transfixes us. We bend our ears and hearts to hear from him in his word.


Living things grow and reproduce. People make people, disciples make disciples, leaders make leaders, and churches make churches. We want to continue that chain and show God's greatness and goodness shining out to the world.


About Us

Pastor Joe Radosevich met Emma soon after a mutual friend told them both that she knew the person they would marry. They were married within a year, and 9 years later, they recently had their 5th child. Joe is originally from Oklahoma, and Emma is from Illinois. Joe has been involved in various ministries and churches for 12 years and trained for ministry at Southern Seminary. Joe grows his own jalepenos, and Emma still loves Monopoly.

In Christ, there is nothing I have done that could make you love me less, and nothing I could do that would make you love me more.
— The Gospel Prayer, by J.D. Greear

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